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  1. Learning to center in Rocket League is a key skill that is essential for team play. As with most mechanical centers in Rocket League, practice often to master these skills. Hopefully this guide will show you some easier ways to center the ball, and you may have even missed a few. 1. corner centering The easiest and lowest skill required, corner centering is the entry-level skill that most players use to figure out how to play early. Every standard map has a decent corner angle range that bounces the ball back to the center in front of the goal. A decent score should solve the problem and can be a good way to set up an easy goal for your teammates. 2. center back Although the goal is big, sometimes the goal is not big enough. However, it is best to miss it because the back wall can save the day there. When you aim at the target, the ball generally points at least in that direction. At the very least, this gives you the opportunity to jump off the rim and set a good follow-through target for your teammates. You can also dribble along the back wall so the ball lands on the goal. This requires some advanced skills, but if you can get the ball in front of the goal, your teammates will thank you for the easy goal. 3. sidewall centers They work similarly to corner and back wall centers, but since the side of the wall is farther away than the former two, it's best to play a little better on the ball. Sidewalls can also be used to make the ball dribble. If you can dribble the ball in the air towards the center of the goal, your teammates can come up with a deadly offensive threat from a different angle. 4. middle gap Rocket League is all about timing and rapid development. A very clear step towards the enemy's goal can give you or a teammate a chance to score. Just make sure you have time to go up and counter, not counter. This can be accomplished by simply shooting the ball from the center of the goal to the ground. Most of these are easy to defend, but if you can set up, you can almost guarantee your team a score. 5. dribble the middle of the ball Sometimes you just need to dribble the ball towards the center of the goal. Talk to your teammates about the game and set them up. Dribbling may take some practice, but the idea of getting the ball into the goal is the same. Eventually, centering the ball can be practiced, but the concept is usually the same for each method. Good communication goes a long way, but generally it's about getting the ball in front of the goal, seeing your teammates come through, scoring points, and winning the game. If you're looking for a slightly different Rocket League experience, watch out for Epic Games' new mobile game Rocket League Sideswipe, which will be released later in 2021. And you can buy rocket league credits from SSEGold if you want to get a better game experience.
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