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Steam News

Now Available on Steam - Risk of Rain 2

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Risk of Rain 2 is Now Available on Steam!

Escape a chaotic alien planet by fighting through hordes of frenzied monsters – with your friends, or on your own. Combine loot in surprising ways and master each character until you become the havoc you feared upon your first crash landing.

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    • Even as the map stays lacking some talents, like shifting limitations and spinning hammers, the map is a near-ideal task of Rocket League Items the Slime Climb path. Rocket League game enthusiasts on laptop are capable of download and play custom maps made via community individuals, and Lethamyr’s Slime Climb map is constructed the equal manner. The modding network for Rocket League is pretty expansive, with lots of game enthusiasts developing splendid custom maps or modes. With Rocket League going free-to-play quickly, that participant base is first rate going to get larger. Epic's dedication to score exclusives for its game store now includes buying well-known studios. The organization has received Rocket League author Psyonix for an unspecified quantity, and will convey the vehicular soccer game to the Epic Games Store via past due in 2019. will it disappear from Steam? Epic stated it had "no longer announced plans" to forestall promoting the sport on Steam, however it's best guaranteeing that present customers will "remain supported." Psyonix says the deal will assist it extend the game in methods it "couldn't do on [its] very own earlier than." Epic's assist "drastically increases" the scope of its esports efforts, as an instance. The studio has additionally been a companion with Epic because the Unreal Tournament generation (it helped with Unreal Tournament 2004, Gears of War and Mass Effect three) and said the union "makes sense in many ways." It's even physically close with offices in Raleigh, especially near Epic's native land of Cary. How old are you? 0 Steam profile URL?
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    • Stay Silent is Now Available on Steam! Stay Silent is a western-themed multiplayer online FPS game for VR. Step into a Wild West town in the aftermath of an alien incursion. Playing as either the Marauders or the Guardians, fight against stealthy opponents on silent nights using both traditional guns and powerful alien weapons!
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