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Rust Guidelines

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Deadly Verdict was formed in 2001, and from the get-go was focused on the community aspect. 19 years later the party is still rocking on strong!  DV was founded on the idea that the community aspect of the clan should be stronger then the competitive aspect of it, and for that reason we have no requirements. We believe players no matter what level can add to the experience.

Although there are no requirements in playing within our community, Everyone knows the only rule in rust is Trust No-one. With that being said these are guidlines on being a part of our rust team.

  1. Communication (Without this there is no point of even trying to join)
  2. Welcoming & attentive ( Nobody wants to feel like the new guy who everyone ignores, Show people some hospitality)
  3. Use common sense ( Because common sense is not so common)
  4. You farm.... Like everyone else.

If you feel you are the right fit make sure you speak to game masters about potentially joining.

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